Thursday, November 29, 2012

Repost while hands rest...

I am doing something unusual this week. The link below will take you to an old post. Yes, there have been weeks where an old post has shown up on this blog. However, not just the link. 

I am having some severe hand issues and typing is painful. Continued prayers are welcomed. 

Here is the link: 

I hope to be back in full swing writing the blog soon. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bondservant...(Guest post on Jamy Whitaker's Blog)

Photo Credit: Unknown

The above picture shows something that is painful for me to do right now...

Writing, typing or any action requiring my hands produces pain. I ask that you pray for me.

On another more beautiful note, God gave me the pleasure to guest post on Jamy Whitaker's blog yesterday. Jamy is a She Speaks Sister and wrote the recently released book, "Get Real."
I have read the book and recommend it. I need to write a review of the book in the near future.
With no further ado, and to let my aching hands rest here is the link to my guest post:

Give Jamy some love and visit her page often. All of us, in ministry need encouragement and love. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Philippians and Achy Hands...

Photo Credit: Dew Photography

This week started the Philippians online bible study and it has been great for me, thus far. However, my hands have been crampy, achy and losing all feeling; especially when I type. I have noticed the timing of my hand problems, with my stepping out to be obedient to God, with the online bible study. 

In lieu of the hand issue and needing to write a guest blog post, I am sharing part of an article written back in early 2011 for Student Life Ministries. The original article was written for Youth Ministers however, it is definitely relevant for all in ministry. 

“I learned that if we’re available all the time, people will need us all the time. And if we’re always available, we’re sending the message that we’re indispensable. Availability is a boundary-less prison, but presence is purposeful availability. You must remember we can’t stop others from wanting our time, but you can usually decide when to give it. Simply, you should have times when you’re not available. Learning to set this boundary is a key to longevity in ministry—if you can’t (or more appropriately will not) do it, you’ll grow tired and resentful.” --Steve Merritt
Many of (us) must admit we like being indispensable, it is nice to be needed. Nonetheless, what we don’t want to admit is being indispensable and always being needed has a root of pride. Ouch! That hurt! Admitting that we enjoy being needed is a big step in understanding the difference in availability and presence. Presence is we are there for our students. Our students recognize, comprehend, appreciate and value that we love them and care for them. Yet, it is vital for them to understand there are times that we will not be available to them. This, not being available, does not mean we do not care. It means just the opposite; we care enough to make sure we are pointing them to Jesus instead of being their Jesus.
We all have needs. However, when we put the needs of our students above the needs of our own family or even our own basic needs, such as sleep, then there is a problem. You need to step back and reevaluate whether you have either consciously or unconsciously made yourself indispensable. Remember it is never too late to set boundaries.  Start today. It may be necessary to start with apologizing to your students for not setting these boundaries in the first place; maybe you started in your ministry single and are now married. Let them know that you are still there (remember presence) for them. Yet, you will not always be available to them so that you all can be healthy. To read more of Steve Merritt’s article on setting boundaries click here.
If you would like to see the full article click here.

Have you found yourself indispensable? Runned down? Tired? 
Ask God to establish presence instead of availability in your ministry.

Share your thoughts: What is the main difference for you between presence and availability?

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