Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Days Without: A Book Review

"10 Days Without" is not the most inspiring read but is mildly interesting. The concept of the book follows the author, Daniel Ryan Day through different challenges of going 10 days without something. He went 10 days without his voice, touch, and furniture to name a few. seems on almost all of the challenges there were exceptions, so he didn't really go 10 days without. 

The concept behind the 10 Days Without of focusing on an organization to help with each challenge is a good idea. 

Found: A Book Review...

Micha Boyett's "Found" will be a treasure for fans of Ann Voskamp. Boyett's writing style is similar to Voskamp's. Readers will not want to read in one sitting, but in small nuggets. Giving the necessary time for digestion and contemplation.  

When reading Boyett, it can resemble walking through soup-thick fog but the treasure is there. It is important the reader doesn't give up.  Boyett describes her own spiritual walk as 'trudging through' but worth the effort even with the struggles of what she had always been taught. 

"It's not that I believe Benedictine spirituality will be some magical answer to the spiritual sludge I've been drudging through. It's just that all the answers of my evangelical more Scriptures, pray longer, try harder, serve more people...have become heavy burdens in my life."

Boyett further shares a story,told to her by a fellow traveler, "The Benedictines more than any other people...insist there is time in each day for prayer, for work, for study and for play. I thought, I ought to remember that. I thought, I need to believe that." 

The book explained it is may be easier to remember and believe this concept than to walk it out in day to day life. Boyett takes us on the journey of figuring out how to walk out this concept. 

Readers who enjoy the writing style of Ann Voskamp and/or stay-at-home Mom's will enjoy Boyett's voice in "Found."