Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pastor Tullian's "Glorious Ruin"...

"Glorious Ruin" thus far has been worth the anticipation to read. Only just beginning and I am already absorbing each word spoken by Pastor Tullian. As I stated on my FB and Twitter statuses, Pastor Tullian's book are such a deep read that I have to take my time with them. 

It reminds me of when I read Watchman Nee books, read a little digest, read a little digest. True representation of "taste and see." 

If you want something which will challenge you and your present thinking on suffering pick up a copy of "Glorious Ruin." However, give yourself the time to digest and don't rush through this book. 

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Horse Antics and Focus...

Photo Credit: Dew Photography

I like the above picture. Yes, I readily admit it is not the best picture from a photographic standpoint. 
There are many things that could have been done to improve it...exposure setting being only one. 
Yet, I still like it. The reason why? 

Because the horse didn't care about my photographic intentions. He was a fiesty fella. He kept sticking his tongue out at me and putting on a real show. There were three horses in this fenced area but this fellow wanted, NO DEMANDED, the attention. If one of the other horses came near, he would charge at them and even try to nip at their rear to move them along. 

Even with all his antics, it was not easy to get this shot with his tongue stuck out. Yes, he kept doing it but even this was a game for him. Thank God for continuous shooting on my camera. :-)

While preparing for this week's blog, I have had many things running through my head.  

~ Prayers for blogging friends walking through rough things. 
~ Stepping out in new areas such as leading the Philippians Online Bible Study  
~ The desire to take more photographs and have people see God through a camera lens
~ Preparing for my Sweetie to go to early morning day shift after working night shift for years

Some of it has been pretty heavy stuff. 

Then while looking for pics in my folders for this week's blog,  I saw the picture of Mr. Antic Horse and had to smile. Why? Because at times, I can be just like Mr. Antic Horse. 


But, that is not how it is suppose to be. 

Today, I am grateful for a God who helps me see others and reminds me through a picture where my focus should be. Focus is My One Word for 2012.  Even though, I have joked on FB that with all the change in my life in past year, maybe God got my one word wrong. 
It is apparent from today's lesson...God knew what He was doing. 
This realization gets one big...DUH DAWN.  :-) :-)

"There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears." Philippians 1:6

My mind wanders back to this verse a lot lately, partly because of preparation for the Philippians Online Bible Study. However, we also know nothing in God's kingdom is by chance. He knew my need for the constant reminder of this verse at this particular life juncture. Ain't God amazing?

Now it is your turn:
How has God used pictures (music, books, etc...) to refocus your thought pattern? 
Share a DUH moment with us. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Until We All Come Home": Kim de Blecourt

Photo Credit: Kim de Blecourt's Promotional Team

You may have seen me mention the book, "Until We All Come Home" by Kim de Blecourt on my FB pages. Dawn's Dialogue has the immense pleasure of our first ever interview being with Kim about her book. Kim is a complete delight and I just can't say enough about her book.

Plus, we will have a link at the end of the blog post for you to be able to access the first chapter for FREE!

"Until We All Come Home" is the story of Kim and her family's one in a million adoption story from the country of Ukraine. Kim says, "This is not your typical adoption story" and boy (no pun intended) is that the understatement of the year . Who would be willing to stay 11 months in a foreign country to bring home their child?

 A woman named Kim de Blecourt!

Photo Credit: Kim de Blecourt's Promotional Team

My favorite parts of the interview are when Kim shared exactly what the above picture portrays.

"I have never left you. And I never told you, you couldn't go outside. Take your children and go outside and play and shop. Resume your life. What are you afraid of?" --Page 216, Until We All Come Home

 Kim shared in the interview how fear played a huge role in situation. 
God used a specific incident to show her fear was control her life and not God. 

Pre-Order the book here (This is not an affiliate site)

Before the link and free chapter are given, I want to leave you with the following from the interview:

The focus of Dawn's Dialogue is "Connecting with Christ and One Another in a Communication-Saturated World" and my question is "Can you tell us a little about how important staying connected was while you were in the Ukraine?" "How did you keep your connections alive?" 

Kim's in the interview. 

Click here to go to page to listen to interview.

(I tried to be technical and add an actual mp3 player to the blog with the interview...
 but alas, I am technology-challenged)

However, the interview is available in mp3 format for downloading. 
Just send me a private message to and we will gladly send you a copy.  

I want to send out a special thanks to Kim de Blecourt and her team for letting me interview her.

Here is the link to that first FREE chapter mentioned at the beginning of the blog.
You thought I forgot didn't you...

Click here for FREE Chapter

Friday, October 12, 2012

Raising My Spiritual Umbrella over at Karen Lembo's Blog...

Photo Credit: Unspaz from Creative Commons

Hello everyone!

I have been given the blessing to share about 
"Raising my Spiritual Umbrella" over at Karen Lembo's blog today.

In my guest post, I share my personal testimony about my spiritual umbrella. Karen has been sharing this week about spiritual umbrellas and I encourage you to check out her blog, 
"Living Above the Laundry Pile" and don't forget to leave a comment. 

You can also learn more about Karen and her ministry at 

Don't forget to jump over and read my guest post here. 

If you have already the read the post and are here from Karen's blog or site: 


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writing & Connecting: Guest Post Over at Michelle Lazurek's Blog...

Photo Credit: Dew Photography

Today, I am sharing over at Michelle Lazurek's blog.
 Michelle's blog on writing is a source of encouragement for writers.

In my guest post, I discuss how connecting is an important component in writing. 

"Writing is done alone...but doesn't have to be a lonely existence"

Hop on over and read my guest post here. 

If you have already the read the post and are here from Michelle's blog: 


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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Revisiting: Fall Foliage and Walking with God (2011 Post)...

Photo Credit: Dew Photography
With Fall in the air and on everyone's minds, I decided to revisit a post written last year. It explains why the trees change to the vibrant colors we see and how God related that to me during a particular season in my life. Also, I wanted to share the above more recent Fall picture from one of my favorite places, Chatham Manor. Sweetie and I plan to make the trek to Skyline Drive mentioned in the post. I promise to share pictures with you all. May you each have a wonderful Fall season and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. 

Fall Foliage and Walking with God.... (Repost from 2011)
Rappahannock River Fall Foliage 2011:Photo Credit: Dew Photography

A couple weeks ago, the Fall Foliage was vibrant here. There were yellows, oranges, and reds. The picture above is one that I took on the river bank in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Everyone each year discusses the beauty of the colors. Some even make a trek to Skyline Drive to see the colors at their peak. 

All of this got me to thinking, "Why do leaves change color in the Fall?"
I read the following on the website,

"During winter, there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis. The trees will rest, and live off the food they stored during the summer. They begin to shut down their food-making factories. The green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves. As the bright green fades away, we begin to see yellow and orange colors."
I knew that there was a correlation between God's beauty of nature and our walk, but some of my first thoughts were wrong once I came to understand the reason why leaves change colors.

People admire the colors and they can be amazingly beautiful. However, no matter the brightness of the leaves; the truth is they are preparing for the lack of food which comes with shorter days and colder weather. Once I understood the reason for leaves changing...The TRUTH God was  speaking to became  clear. This TRUTH is that many times in my Christian walk the Lord is preparing me for a season where there will be a lack of  food for my walk. The amazing thing, to me, is that just like the vibrant Fall leaf's color people will see a vibrant and vivacious walk with the Lord in me during this preparing stage. 

We need to understand that during this time, God could very well be preparing us for a dry season. A time when 'spiritual' food will be scarce. We need to be like the leaves that we admire and be preparing for all the seasons. The leaves know that the shorter days and colder climate will come and they prepare for it.

All the trees are bare now and it looks as if death has come upon them. Yet, in reality they are only dormant resting in and feeding on the food that they stored up during the Summer....Do we live during our 'dry' winter season with  assurance that we have prepared and that Spring is on the way?