Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One Word Check Up...

Thank you to Tracy over at One Degree Ministries for reminding me to do a One Word Check Up. 
God gave me the word, "Diligent" back in January. It is hard to believe it is already July 10th. 
You can read more about how God gave me the word here.

I had big aspirations at the beginning of the year for me and My One Word. I planned on reading all the verses in Scripture with my word in it in various translations. The truth: I haven't read even a fourth of the verses with my word in one translation yet. 

So...what has God taught me so far about "Diligent"
This has been one question that I return to frequently.
The answer has been interesting so far. 

 Things don't get accomplished without someone being diligent. 

A dangerous thing for a 'reformed control freak' who has tendencies of backsliding. 
God wants us to be diligent but who remembers He is in control. 

Another question: 
Am I interacting with my word? 

When reflecting I see myself interacting with "Diligent" regularly and not even realizing it. 

Diligent and I interact when I :

~ Save receipts and fill out insurance forms for my parent's house fire reimbursment 
~ Spend 6 months looking for new home insurance after Mom and Dad were canceled by their old company two weeks after the fire
~ Continue to write and blog even on the days of discouragement
~ My photography outings produce better quality photos  
~ Feel invisible but remind myself for the thousandths time, I am never invisible to God
~ Read my chronological yearly bible plan even when I am more than a month behind

Long story short, My One Word adventure is not where I thought it would be on July 10th. 
However, it isn't about me and what I want...

Thanking God, He isn't finished with me yet. 

Do you have a One Word for 2013? How is your adventure going? 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Humble Orthodoxy: A Book Review...

I love when the highlighting starts in the Foreword section of a book. This is exactly what I did in "Humble Orthodoxy" by Joshua Harris. I was hesitant to review this book because the description just didn't entice me. The ending result is I am glad that I took the plunge and decided to review. 

Harris handles and reveals the balancing of orthodoxy and humbleness. Harris defines humble orthodoxy as "caring deeply about truth, and in the process we must also defend and share this truth with compassion and humility."

This is a balancing act an Harris shares succintly, passionately and humbly
 how to walk daily in this balance. 

***An advanced copy of the title was given for this honest and unbiased review***

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fear Has A Name: Book Review...

Where can an author take a story of stalking, if he gives away who the stalker when you have read only 25% of the book? Is it possible to have tension and suspense when the stalker is revealed so early. 

Creston Mapes shows us in his recent book, "Fear Has A Name" that he can take a story twisting and turning while keeping the reader on their seat even with a named stalker. 

"Fear Has A Name" takes on the journey with Jack Crittendon and his family. Jack is a reporter working on the story of a missing pastor when his home is broke into. However, it quickly becomes apparent this break-in is not a stranger's doing. As Jack and his family are walking in fear and at times doubting their faith, Jack is quickly realizing their is more to the story of the missing Pastor. 

The ending may not be what some expect but the ride there is worth every word read.

Grab "Fear Has A Name" for your Summer vacation read.

***An advanced copy of the title was given for this honest and unbiased review***