Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School of Hard Knocks…

Some of us have attended the School of Hard Knocks (SHK) in our lifetime. The one thing, we who have attended want to do is keep our loved ones from attending. However, if we try to control every aspect of their life and keep them from attending SHK are we truly trusting God.

He wants us to trust Him with all things and that means our loved ones too. No…I don’t want to see my family and loved ones head to SHK. Nevertheless, my job is to tell them that sin is only pleasurable for a short time span and the repercussions can last for a lifetime. Then I must pray for them and trust my Loving Savior knows what is going on.

I have loved ones that don’t know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Believe me, when we have heartbreak and tears over our loved one’s decisions just remember that Jesus hurts for them more than we could ever imagine.

God made this so real for me about two years ago. I know a young woman who has decided to walk away from God. It hurt to see her make such wrong decisions. One day, I was crying out  to God for this young woman telling God I couldn’t take the pain in my heart. God spoke to me gently but firmly and said, “The pain you feel for ______ is not even a pinch for how my heart breaks over her. You would not be able to handle my heartbreak and tears they would overwhelm you.” I realized right then that God loved her more than I ever could and when I cry for her it is only a slight drizzle compared to the downpour God has cried for her.

Keep holding tight to Jesus and knowing that He is working out the details even when we can’t see Him.

Psalm 56:8, “You number my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?”

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Do we truly know…

We discussed in the College and Career Bible Study yesterday morning some obstacles to prayer in our life. We have been studying Colossians since last August and God has been so wonderful and faithful throughout this study. I just wanted to share the obstacles of prayer we discussed (these came from a sermon done by Pastor Bruce at Union Church with God adding upon His sermon while I studied God’s Word):

Seven Obstacles to Prayer (Pastor Bruce):

1. We don’t have a true relationship with Jesus. Our class talked about how there are so many who walked in aisle in the church but don’t know what they did or did it just because their friends were doing it.

2. Have a faulty view of prayer.

3. Be under spiritual attack. (Most Christians want to put their head in the sand and not talk about this one.)

4. Focused on “getting stuff” rather than being with God and following His Will for our lives. (We discussed how it would be if we only went to our parents when we wanted something and never went to just spend time with them and how that is what we do to God).

5. Too Proud: We want to be in control and asking for God’s help through prayer means giving up control.

6. View Prayer as a chore instead of a a joy (Do you see prayer as a duty to mark off of your Christian to-do list or as a chance to spend time talking and fellowshipping with your loving Savior?)

7. Things are going good why trouble God. I will contact Him if I am in trouble.

We discussed how all of us have to check up on ourselves to see if we have any of these obstacles or if any of them have crept into our lives without us realizing it has happened.

Have a great week and may your time with the Father be Precious.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loving Biblically…

In Sunday School we discussed a concept of loving biblically that I found online. I believe the Pastor’s last name is Groetsche. What he discussed in his sermon was when we love biblically we do the following things:

1. Love Realistically: This means knowing someone’s faults and loving them in spite of them.

2. Love Sacrificially: Don’t take them for granted. Wanting what is best for them even if you must sacrifice. It is about giving not getting.

3. Love Purposefully: Helping loved one become all Christ intends for them to be.

4. Love Personally: Caring for loved one in the same way we care and love ourselves. Letting them know that we are there for them. Being involved.

5. Love Spiritually: Our relationship to loved one affects our spiritual life as our spiritual life affects our relationship with loved ones.

We left with lots to think about this past Sunday. I challenge each of you to ask God if you are loving in all of these ways.