Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loving Biblically…

In Sunday School we discussed a concept of loving biblically that I found online. I believe the Pastor’s last name is Groetsche. What he discussed in his sermon was when we love biblically we do the following things:

1. Love Realistically: This means knowing someone’s faults and loving them in spite of them.

2. Love Sacrificially: Don’t take them for granted. Wanting what is best for them even if you must sacrifice. It is about giving not getting.

3. Love Purposefully: Helping loved one become all Christ intends for them to be.

4. Love Personally: Caring for loved one in the same way we care and love ourselves. Letting them know that we are there for them. Being involved.

5. Love Spiritually: Our relationship to loved one affects our spiritual life as our spiritual life affects our relationship with loved ones.

We left with lots to think about this past Sunday. I challenge each of you to ask God if you are loving in all of these ways.

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