Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Until We All Come Home": Kim de Blecourt

Photo Credit: Kim de Blecourt's Promotional Team

You may have seen me mention the book, "Until We All Come Home" by Kim de Blecourt on my FB pages. Dawn's Dialogue has the immense pleasure of our first ever interview being with Kim about her book. Kim is a complete delight and I just can't say enough about her book.

Plus, we will have a link at the end of the blog post for you to be able to access the first chapter for FREE!

"Until We All Come Home" is the story of Kim and her family's one in a million adoption story from the country of Ukraine. Kim says, "This is not your typical adoption story" and boy (no pun intended) is that the understatement of the year . Who would be willing to stay 11 months in a foreign country to bring home their child?

 A woman named Kim de Blecourt!

Photo Credit: Kim de Blecourt's Promotional Team

My favorite parts of the interview are when Kim shared exactly what the above picture portrays.

"I have never left you. And I never told you, you couldn't go outside. Take your children and go outside and play and shop. Resume your life. What are you afraid of?" --Page 216, Until We All Come Home

 Kim shared in the interview how fear played a huge role in situation. 
God used a specific incident to show her fear was control her life and not God. 

Pre-Order the book here (This is not an affiliate site)

Before the link and free chapter are given, I want to leave you with the following from the interview:

The focus of Dawn's Dialogue is "Connecting with Christ and One Another in a Communication-Saturated World" and my question is "Can you tell us a little about how important staying connected was while you were in the Ukraine?" "How did you keep your connections alive?" 

Kim's in the interview. 

Click here to go to page to listen to interview.

(I tried to be technical and add an actual mp3 player to the blog with the interview...
 but alas, I am technology-challenged)

However, the interview is available in mp3 format for downloading. 
Just send me a private message to and we will gladly send you a copy.  

I want to send out a special thanks to Kim de Blecourt and her team for letting me interview her.

Here is the link to that first FREE chapter mentioned at the beginning of the blog.
You thought I forgot didn't you...

Click here for FREE Chapter

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  1. Thank you, Dawn. Not only for your review but for participating on the book launch team! I hope we meet someday, face to face;-) ~ Kim


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