Friday, November 30, 2007

Playing church not being THE CHURCH

I talk with young people (no, I am not one), good, honest, wanting to serve God teenagers. One thing I see happening is these young people are getting fed up with the organized church playing church and not being THE CHURCH!!! They want to go outside the four walls and minister to people, and tell them about Jesus.

We the adults in their lives would learn a valuable lesson from these young people....they are open and honest with each other about their struggles....none of them put on the "I'm fine" persona. Come on we all know what I am talking about....

A typical Sunday morning or for that fact any morning when we see someone we know (however, Sunday morning irks me the most):

"Hi! How are you?"
"I'm fine." (While you are not fine!)

This response is so automatic that last week, I was out and someone saw me and all I said was "Hi" the person responded, "Just fine, thank you for asking." That is the response I got for merely saying "Hi"!?!?!!?!?!

The thing that scares me is that somewhere along their college years something happens and before they know it these same young people start questioning why the hurt inside....why do they not tell someone how they really are doing. DO WE SEE THE DISSERVICE AND SAD THING HAPPENING HERE....they are turning into us. IS THIS WHAT SCHOOL TEACHES THEM OR IS IT WHAT THEY THINK HAPPENS WHEN THEY GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL AND IT IS TIME TO GROW-UP!!!!

I for one am going to tell all the young people around me that becoming responsible and maturing DOES NOT mean to start "playing church" and to no longer be THE CHURCH.


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  1. Amen! My church is so stuck on the "schedule" type thing. And as you know we don't have a youth group so when we have discussions, they're discussed in front of the whole church. We're all family there but I personally don't want everyone to know what I go through. And after I graduated from highschool, I did think I had to be more mature and that I had to grow up but after reading this, I want to grow up, just not all at one time.



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