Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nearing the end....Means a new beginning is around the corner....

The end of my Masters program is right around the corner (December 17th to be exact).  The exciting thing is that when this adventure ends God will be beginning a new one. What is it? I don't know but the important thing is when God gives us new opportunities, we must be ready, willing and obedient.

I am reading Doug Field's book, Fresh Start and he tells a wonderful story of "Taking a Knee." Field's explains taking a knee is a humble action. Humility is not weakness but realizing and acknowledging who the KING is....Do you fully understand your relationship with your KING?

I am coming to a closer and better understanding of my relationship with my KING.

Thank you Jesus for loving me.


  1. Very well said Dawn, our King has a plan for us We don't know what it is, we just have to have the faith that He know what is for us. Best of luck in ALL of your adventures.

  2. Many, many years ago there was a great conference in Liverpool England of the Students Volunteer Missionary Union. At the last moment an expected delegation of students from Japan found it impossible to attend, so they sent a message, which thrilled the great gathering; it consisted of of three words, "Make Jesus King". That summer a brilliant young Cambridge undergrad, Russel Darbyshire, who later became Archbishop of Capetown, was leading the seaside services of the Children's Special Service Mission at Swanage, and wrote for them a special chorus--

    Make Jesus King, through Him we shall live;
    Our souls and our bodies to Him we will give;
    Our praises we'll sing, and other we'll bring;
    Till the whole of creation shall make Jesus King.

    from the book "Crossing the Border" by Guy H. King

  3. I just reread this comment today and it is wonderful.


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