Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am reading a book called "The Creative Call." Well...actually, I have been reading this book on and off since my daughter and her best friend were in high school. They are now a sophomore and junior in college. However, it is amazing how God would bring me back to this book over the years at the time it would mean the most.

Right now, on thing on my mind is the RBBC upcoming Ladies Retreat in April 2011. The cool thing is the book which, I am on the last chapter after all these years talks about a retreat to finish about the commencement of finishing the book. It is a study book...which means in the future I will read and do the whole study aspect and receive even more from God. :-)

Janice Elsheimer discusses the three aspects of a retreat. These three aspects are seclusion, solitude and significance. The leadership team at RBBC already knows the retreat this year will be different than any other one ever done. I believe that God brought me here to these three aspects of retreat to give me the opportunity to let God reveal them completely to me.

This is exciting to me and I will be waiting expectantly for God to give me each piece of the aspects from His point-of-view. It is amazing when we are obedient to God and see Him more and more throughout our day.

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