Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Burning Bushes, Writing on the Wall or Fire from Heaven...

Ended a 7-day fast yesterday. Did I see a burning bush like Moses during this time? Or maybe writing on the wall such as in Daniel 5, any amazing sign or wonders? Nope! Disappointed? Yes, at first, but then as I spent time pondering yesterday God revealed the following. Sometimes, obedience is the reward.

The fast had been done as an act of obedience. The church, my family is currently attending called for a week of fasting and prayer. We were not required to participate, but asked to pray and see if God wanted us to partake. After praying, God led me to fast from my Kindle and other books (as I mentioned on my social sites…you can check them out: dawnwhitmore67 or @dawnwhitmore).

This would not be an easy thing…I am a reader. Books, doesn’t matter whether it is eBooks or traditional along with blogs. One day at a time became my mantra. Day one came and went. Truthfully, it was not difficult. Still, my mantra was one day at a time. However, to be truthful, pride had started to creep in a little bit. It wouldn’t stay long though. Day Two & Three were not so easy. I found myself realizing the multiple times throughout my day that I would normally be picking up my Kindle.  God’s grace brought me through those two days. The victory is His…not mine. The ending result became 7-days of fasting. Spending time with my Savior in His Word. This was not my success. On the contrary, it was God’s success. My obedience was not possible without Him.

My lesson, obedience is the reward.

Are you looking for signs & wonders? Burning bushes? Writing on the wall? Fire from heaven? Yes, my God can do all of these things and more. Still at times, we spend so much time and energy running after the next experience we miss the true gift…spending time with OUR LOVING ABBA FATHER.

Are you busy ‘chasing the experience’ or will you play a part in my lesson this week and enjoy time with ABBA DADDY today? 

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