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7 Obstacles to Prayer (Repost)....

My family and I are on a stay-cation before our daughter starts her Senior year of college. We are checking out all the wonderful sites and treasures of our state. It is great to live in a area rich of history and nature then to sleep in my own bed each night. Therefore, I am sharing a post that I wrote back in  in 2010. 

During this time, I led a College and Career Sunday School class. 
This is one of the most rewarding things God has ever allowed me to do. Even to this day, I miss the young men & women who were in this class. 
One Sunday morning, while studying the book of Colossians we looked at the  
"7 Obstacles to Prayer" from Pastor Bruce at Union Church.  I share them here with you. 

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7 Obstacles to Prayer (Pastor Bruce):

1. We don’t have a true relationship with Jesus. 
The class talked about how there are so many who walked an aisle in the church but don’t know what they did or did it just because their friends were doing it.

2. Have a faulty view of prayer.

3. Be under spiritual attack. 
Most Christians want to put their head in the sand and not talk about this one.

4. Focused on “getting stuff” rather than being with God and following His Will for our lives. 
We discussed how it would be if we only went to our parents when we wanted something and never went to just spend time with them and how that is what we do to God.

5. Too Proud
We want to be in control and asking for God’s help through prayer means giving up control.

6. View Prayer as a chore instead of a a joy
 Do you see prayer as a duty to mark off of your Christian to-do list or as a chance to spend time talking and fellowshipping with your loving Savior?

7. Things are going good why trouble God. I will contact Him if I am in trouble.

As you read through these 7 obstacles did any of them ring true for you? Let's discuss it this week. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. I believe number 6 is where I've learned to increase in my prayer life. I've learned to treasure and see it as a joy. Great post.

    Thank you my friend for visiting and linking to the Saturday's Sister to Sister linkup. You're appreciated.


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