Friday, October 18, 2013

Ask Me Anything Lord: A Book Review...


"Yes, individuals matter to God." 

Wow, such a simple statement but empowering one at the same time. 
To be fair, I want to say upfront, this post would have happened even if the book wasn't being reviewed by me. "Ask Me Anything, Lord" by Heather C. King is not the book I expected it to be... I am so grateful for that. There has been one problem though while reading it. 

This reviewer wants to soak up each word. The problem comes when we need to write a review for a book in a timely manner. See my dilemma? :-)

Heather's writing draws me in. I find myself not wanting to miss one iota of what she is sharing. 
Here is another snippet of what I read this morning concerning 'individuals mattering to God':

Individuals mattering, 
"is why He (God) framed the Bible the way He did. It tells of God's activity among humanity through the stories of people---broken, messed up, sinning people--- just like you and me...As we learn about these people, we ultimately learn about God." 
(italics mine)

This is so freeing and wonderful. Who wouldn't want to sit here for a day or two and meditate and ponder on just these words. Hence, where my issue of a timely review comes into play. 

Here is the nitty-gritty, thus far, on "Ask Me Anything Lord" by Heather C. King:

~ I am about 50% finished with the book. 
~ Loving the book
~Plan on finishing the book
~Writing review now because review should be done in timely manner

Check out this book, it is available through Amazon:

***An electronic preview copy of this book was given for an honest, unbiased review***

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