Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Clear Winter Nights: A Book Review...

"You may feel alive when you go with the flow, but any dead thing can float downstream" 
-Pastor Gil (Gramps) from Clear Winter Nights. 

Chris has grown as a Christian but is know having doubts. Wax's fiction book, "Clear Winter Nights" tactfully tackles many issues the character, Chris has in this fiction book. Even written as a fiction book, Wax uses Pastor Gil to answer Chris' questions which a segment of Christians struggle with today. 

Pastor Gil, Chris' grandfather doesn't argue with his grandson. Instead, he shows him truth. There were times I forgot the story is a fiction book. 

"Clear Winter Nights" is a fiction book to put on your reading list. 

***A copy of the book was given in exchange for an unbiased review***

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