Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bounce Back: A Book Review

"Bad brainwashing is when someone attempts to control your thinking...Good brainwashing is when you invite the Lord to instruct and guide your thinking. Good brainwashing is submitting your own brain to God's Word so the Lord might cleanse the thoughts of your heart through the inspiration of His Spirit"---Julie Clinton

The practicality in Julie Clinton's new release, "Bounce Back" is spot-on. She shares in-depth how to rebound when we feel as if all is lost. If you had said 'brainwashing' could ever be a good word, I would have written you off as loony. However, the above quote shows exactly how brainwashing can be good. I finished reading this book in January and actually went back to refresh my memory...not a spring chicken anymore. It surprised me how many sections that had been highlighted in my ebook version. 

I leave you with one final quote before letting you go grab your own copy:

"No woman is ever too broken to be of value to the Lord. Now woman is ever beyond God's ability to fill her empty heart and to make her a blessing. I believe in God's ability to help you 

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