Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"The Road We Must Travel": A Book Review...

"The Road We Must Travel" is a compilation book with some well known authors and not so well known (at least to this blogger).  The book is a easy read, which can be read easily as a devotional or in small chunks of time. 

Gordon MacDonald discussing "Questions for Inner Conversation" will resonate with readers:

"The questions I (MacDonald) like most search one's heart...They are meant to test the inner space of one's life and prompt conversation that leads to light."

He further explores how each event in one's life is "often buried like gold or oil" that goes undiscovered. There are gold nuggets in this title and it will be dependent on the reader to search for them while reading. I believe each person's nugget will be different as God meets each of us. 

Eugene Peterson reminds us, "the bible is not a textbook, or a manual to be studied, mastered, and mechanically applied. Instead, we should listen to the Word of God and reflecting upon it...letting it filtrate our soul."  Charles Stanley says it this way, "We read and believe the Bible but we also need to absorb it.

Some of my personal favorite portions are Eugene Peterson's "Reading the Spiritually", Ruth Haley Barton's "A Steady Rhythm" and Tullian Tchividjian's "Trouble Happens." 

Picking up a copy of "The Road We Must Travel" and spending a few minutes with each these wonderful teachers is definitely worth the time.

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