Monday, September 6, 2010

Storm Preparation....

As everyone was preparing for the storm called Hurricane Earl last week it made me think. It made me wonder how much preparation goes into the storms of our lives. How much time do we spend with the Father and in His Word?

There is one thing that is crucial to remember...just like with actual hurricanes no matter how much we prepare they will come soon or later. Yet, the difference is the damage the hurricane can wreck on the area. Just think of seeing the people putting plywood boards on their windows and those who don't...depending on the severity of the wind the plywood can be the determining factor of whether the windows break.

We are studying Jonah in our Sunday Morning Bible Study class. We saw the great fish is not the only thing that God created during this story. In the beginning, He created the wind for the storm that resulted in Jonah being thrown overboard.

Are you prepared for the storm?

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