Friday, August 27, 2010


The Lord gave me an acronym for the Church. The interesting thing is He gave me the beginning of it almost 8 years ago but didn’t finish it until the early hours of the morning today. Here is the Acronym:

C: Christ

H: Healing

U: Unruly

R: Rebellious

C: Children

H: Here

The interesting thing to me is I have been waiting 8 years for the last part of that acronym. Then as plain as day my Loving Heavenly Father told me that is what His Church should be doing walking in our healing HERE.

We all have been unruly, rebellious children and some of us are still being pretty unruly and rebellious instead of walking in the healing that Christ has provided for us HERE.

What is this Healing? It is Healing from being separated from God. Healing from the world (oh wait but we live in this world and we are only human is what most people would say) but I challenge that when Christ heals us we start a journey. I think of a time when our Pastor’s son broke his leg and the Dr. said after the cast came off it was important for him to use that leg. See his leg had been bound for so long that he became use to not using it. The Dr. said if he didn’t use it then the leg would become literally useless and there was the danger it would not be usable again. It was painful in the beginning for him to use that leg. But the more he used it the more he was walking in the healing that had already occurred in his leg.

I propose that each of us have areas in our lives that we have been bound so long that even when Christ heals us, we have become use to not using that area which had been bound. We must retrain yourselves to understand we are not bound any longer and to use what our Savior Jesus Christ has set free. Remember Joseph told his brothers that what his brothers meant for evil that God used for good.

Lastly, I want us to remember that Christ is a TOTAL HEALER…He wants to heal us spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We talked the other night about the ten lepers (Luke 17:12-19) and how only one came back to express gratitude and give Glory to God. All the lepers received physical healing but only the one that went back received TOTAL HEALING. I find it interesting the one who came back was a Samaritan.

My final question and our challenge is are we doing church as normal or are we an alive, vital, and active part of the THE C.H.U.R.C.H?

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