Monday, August 2, 2010

Hope in the grieving….

The phrase, “Hope in the grieving” became a reality for me this week along with many of my friends. Cheyenne went home to be with the Lord after a valiant and good fight. She was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer a little over a year ago. This young lady was amazing during this time of torture and tribulation.  Yet, she still sang praises to her Jesus through all the chemo, radiation, and the side effects.

Cheyenne touched a great number of lives and I for one know that I will never be the same from knowing this sweet child of God. I have been reading a book entitled, “Christian Atheist” by Craig Groeschel. In this book, Pastor Craig talks about being a THIRD LINE CHRISTIAN.

Pastor Craig shares the following in the “Christian Atheist”:

The FIRST LINE CHRISTIAN has this mind-set:I believe in God and the gospel of Christ enough to benefit from it.”

This is the bless me attitude. A pastor friend of mine said the other night this is where we all start….babies needing to learn to crawl but this is not where God intended for us to stay.

The SECOND LINE CHRISTIAN has this mind-set: “I believe in God and Christ’s gospel enough to contribute comfortably.”

Think of a toddler, they will share as long as it doesn’t cause them to be uncomfortable.

THEN THERE IS THE THIRD LINE CHRISTIAN: “I believe in God and Christ’s gospel enough to give my life to it.”

This person lives with the attitude I’m willing to give my whole life to His cause. I desire nothing more than I desire all of God.

Some may be wondering why I bring this up….because as I read those words in this book this week; God spoke to my heart and said that is exactly what Cheyenne did. She crossed that Third Line and became a THIRD LINE CHRISTIAN. However, she didn’t cross that line on the wee morning hours of July 28th, when she went home to be with the Lord.

Cheyenne crossed that Third Line a long time ago and I believe she is in heaven right now cheering each of us to cross the Third Line for it is definitely worth it and she is proved it with her life. Our challenge is will we cross that Third Line and join Cheyenne in being a THIRD LINE CHRISTIAN?

In loving honor and memory of Cheyenne Elise Bauer: April 1998-July 2010. We love and miss her but have hope in our grieving for she is with her Savior and in no more pain.

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  1. Dawn, what great thoughts of Cheyenne and the depth of her walk! I really hope that we each will see the third line folks God puts in our path and that we will be encouraged as we all have been by Cheyenne.



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