Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Listening to God....

Have you ever had a book that you just wanted to stop reading but God keeps bringing you back to it? This is happening to me again. The book entitled "The Naked Gospel" by Andrew Farley has infuriated me at times and I made the firm decision to get rid of it after 8 chapters....I text someone who asked if they could read it when I was finished and said, "You can have it! I can't stand it no more."

His reply, "I didn't realize it was the whole book, I was allowed to download awhile back but thanks anyway." Ok, now what do I do? I can't just throw it in the trash...I paid a whole $5 for the book. So, I let it sit and you know what my loving God with a sense of humor has done to me. Yep, you got it He has me reading it again. Are there times that I am still infuriated with the book? Oh Yes, but I am being obedient and continuing to read...not as quickly as some books I am devouring; such as Zig Ziglar's book, "Embrace the Struggle"

I am just being obedient and following God's leading...however, I must admit at this point and time a part of me would be ecstatic if He said, "Dawn...go ahead and throw 'The Naked Gospel' away." ":-)

Journeying with Jesus isn't all about what makes me happy for happy is a circumstance. We are learning in our College and Career bible study God doesn't want to base our life on circumstances. He wants us to base our lives on Jesus.

Philippians 2:13

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