Friday, December 9, 2011

Just the other day....

Just the other day, Sweetie and I were talking about how some people try to be "friends" with their kids while the kiddos are growing up. We, especially me, were known as the 'strict' parents while our beautiful daughter was growing up. This got me to thinking about this Pastor I heard recently....actually two different Pastors. The first one stated, "Here at this church we believe that God is out for our good not to harm us." Then the second Pastor had a video that stated, "What would the church do if your Pastor stood up on Sunday and said 'Obey God and things could turn out badly', how many would be back the following Sunday?" He further went to use John the Baptist beheading as his example. Two totally different views on God my question to you is this...(yes, I am asking for responses to this blog):

Which Pastor was right and why? Were either of them right? Were both right? Were both wrong? I know how I feel but it is not about needs to be about God and His Word.

There is your challenge...

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