Thursday, September 13, 2012

Diamond or Cubic Zirconia: The Choice is Yours

"Paul did not just talk about a relationship with Christ: he lived in relationship with Christ"
--Joyful Journey, Teri Lynne Underwood

Just a note of update to those who read Dawn's Dialogue, I am still in the book of Philippians during my quiet time. However, here lately Philippians is also slipping into other parts of my life. Some of this is intentional on my part and other times the author of Philippians,
Paul, keeps showing up in my other readings.

Photo Credit: Teri Lynne Underwood Website

 The above quote is from one of my intentional ventures.
As part of my quiet time, I have added Teri Lynne Underwood's devotional book, "Joyful Journey." Must say, I love having Amazon Prime because I get to read books for free. Plus, I found out that the author does get some money even though I didn't buy their book. A win-win situation. :-)

Ok, now back to the quote:
 "Paul did not just talk about a relationship with Christ: he lived in relationship with Christ"

How often do we spend time blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, and every other type of social media talking about relationship with Christ, but not living in relationship with Christ. For some of my social media buddies, this has meant reorganizing their social media life. Scaling back on how many blogs come to their email and time spent on their computers. I applaud each of them for doing what is necessary to make their relationship with Christ more than just talk.

Yet, my social media buddies are not the only ones who struggle with these interruptions. I have seen my own walk hampered, at times, by the glitz and glitter of social media. However, compared to the diamond of Christ these diversions are nothing but Cubic Zirconia.

As we continue to traverse the path of balancing the ministry of reaching others for Christ through social media, which includes talking about relationship with Christ, and living in relationship with Christ; let's make a pact.

A pact to pray for one another:

Pray for each other to protect our time: we only have 24 hours in each day. 
Pray for each of us to live more "IN" relationship with Christ and less just talking about it. 

What prayer would you add to our pact? Share in the comments.


  1. What a great reminder Dawn. Yes, we often trade true riches of cheap imitations. Thanks for linking up at Rethinking My Thinking.

    1. It was definitely my pleasure to link up at Rethinking My Thinking.


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