Thursday, September 20, 2012

Encouragement Cafe: Receiving a Precious Gift...

 Today, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to guest post over at Encouragement Cafe. 

In today's post, I honestly shared about the precious gift given to me this past year: 

The Safety to be Real...

The amazing thing is back when I wrote this post for Encouragement Cafe; I hadn't even started reading Jamy Whitaker's book, "Get Real" but it definitely fits with the theme
 of my Encouragement Cafe post. 

Don't you just love when God affirms, confirms and reaffirms His message to us? 

I would encourage (pun intended) each of you to hop over to Encouragement Cafe today to read more...

Have a blessed day and thanking you for connecting with me in our communication-saturated society.

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