Friday, February 15, 2013

The Irresistible Table: A Book Review

Mary Demuth's latest offering became available today. This cookbook has some sweet recipes in it. 
When Mary gave me the cookbook, as a preview, her only request would be to make a recipe or two and give a review. 

Sweetie got to be the recipient of the Espresso brownies. I did adapt the recipe to be gluten free for my Sweetie. His review...

"These are awesome. They were good."


He did say that because I made them gluten free they were more of a cake-type brownie.

In all honesty, I will probably use the cookbook mainly for the dessert recipes. 
However, I will adapt them to be gluten free for my Sweetie.

Even if the buyer only made the dessert recipes from the cookbook; which I am sure most people will use more than this one section, the book would be worth the price.

Treats in the book that aren't recipes:

~ Mary sharing why she loves to cook
~ Mary sharing her favorite cookbooks and why she likes them

Overall, "The Irresistible Table" is a great buy.

You can purchase the book today over at Amazon.

Disclaimer:  This is an affiliate link. However, I do not endorse books that I myself would not purchase. 

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