Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walk in your healing....

I originally wrote the following blog post in August 2010. With all the commotion and excitement of my parent's home rebuild, I have been quite busy. I have made a couple revisions to the original post. May each of you have a blessed week.  

This is what it looked like on Monday

On Tuesday it was like this...

On Wednesday, funny thing when I left I shut the front door :-)

Church: What does it mean to you?
The Lord gave me an acronym for the Church. The interesting thing is He gave me the beginning of it in 2002 but didn’t finish it until the early hours of the morning today. Here is the Acronym:

  C: Christ
    H: Healing
   U: Unruly
        R: Rebellious
     C: Children
H: Here  

The interesting thing to me is I have been waiting 8 years for the last part of that acronym. Then as plain as day my Loving Heavenly Father told me that is what His Church should be doing walking in our healing HERE.

We all have been unruly, rebellious children. Yet, Christ has set us free. Yes, 
  some of us are still being pretty unruly and rebellious...
that will be a blog for another day. 

Why are we not walking in our healing here today? 

We have bought into the lie that our healing will not happen until heaven.

What is this Healing?
 ~It is Healing from being separated from God. 
~Healing from the world
~ Healing from bondage (emotionally, spiritually, and mentally)

However, we are used to being in bondage. 
We literally don't know how to walk in the freedom and healing
 that Christ has provided.

 A Pastor friend's son broke his leg. The Dr. stressed to the family how important it would be for him to use his leg once the cast came off.  The Dr explained his leg had been bound for so long his body and leg became use to it being bound. If the young man didn’t use his leg, the leg would become nonfunctional. 
The initial moving of the leg would be painful but vital. The family would be responsible for reminding him of the TRUTH about his leg.
It was HEALED! 

Just like this young man's broken leg,  
each of us have areas in our lives where we are bound. 
Some have been bound so long that even when Christ heals us, 
we are resistant to walking. 
We must retrain yourselves to understand we are not bound any longer.  
We need walk in the freedom our Savior Jesus Christ has given. 

Will it be painful? Yes, at times for we will have opposition. 
This opposition will be from both inside and outside. 
Our own minds, will oppose the new thinking of walking in freedom. Remember the broken leg of the Pastor's son. We are comfortable being bound. Nobody wants to admit this truth. Being bound is comfortable, walking in freedom and healing is uncharted territory and scary territory. 

Are you walking in your Christ given Freedom? Or are you still living bound? Are we reminding one another of your healing? 

Make the decision today to walk in your freedom. 
Remind someone today of their healing.

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