Thursday, April 25, 2013

It is Well with My Soul: A Book Review...

"It is Well with My Soul" is a devotion that the reader will be able to use over and over again. It is not like many devotions, which are finished in a year then stored on a shelf to collect dust. We all have seasons of struggle, disappointment and pain.  Even though we have these seasons, we are living in a culture where it is unfashionable to admit to such a thing. This devotion will become a comfort. Especially, when we walk through one of the aforementioned times in our lives where everything is not sunshine and smiles.

It is reassuring to people to come to the full realization that we are not alone or the only ones to walk in despair, but “It is Well…” doesn’t leave you there. The devotions reveal how God is with us when we hurt.  The format is designed for the reader to be able to read a devotion per day but not necessarily in order. The framework allows for the reader to focus on one devotion for multiple days without feeling guilty of not staying on a predetermined schedule. This is exceptionally nice when God is speaking to them through a particular devotion. Readers will find comfort and agreement of “It is Well with My Soul” even when my circumstances may be rain and frowns instead of sunshine and smiles. 

***A free copy of book given in exchange for review***

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