Tuesday, May 14, 2013

God's Precious Gift...An Encouragement Cafe Guest Post

“Holding on to Jesus and knowing He is good.” 
Those are the words my mother has spoken to many people since the beginning of 2013. 
Her reason for this statement being her current mantra all started on December 29th. 

To learn more about Mom's mantra and how God gives each of us a story, come over and see my guest post at Encouragement Cafe:

Photo Credit: Dew Photography VA

The picture above is one of my Mom's favorite pictures. I took the picture in 2011 before they tore down this barn out on the Etheridge property in Spotsylvania County. After all they have been through the last four months, it was only appropriate for me to give her a framed version of it for Mother's Day.

I love you Mom.
 Jesus is using your story to touch lives.  

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