Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lifestyle of a Prophet: A Book Review...

"Wasted on Jesus" was my first introduction to James W. Goll. Ever since then if Goll has a new book, I have to check it out. His newest offering, "The Lifestyle of a Prophet"is definitely a journey and in true Goll fashion, he focuses on the Father and explains this should be the lifestyle of prophet. 

"Yes, the true heart of the prophet is the testimony not of how great you are, but of how
 awesome He is!!!" (emphasis mine)---James W. Goll

Goll further explains prophets need to 'worship God passionately' and 'build His kingdom.'

Prophetic ministry is so misunderstood in today's church. Goll's book should be studied by anyone in prophetic ministry. Church's focusing on prophetic ministry should pick up a copy. 

Goll discusses how at the Last Supper John leaned on the chest of Jesus and heard Jesus' heartbeat. Yet, the amazing thing is John, "would have heard something else: the Messiah's very breath as He inhaled and exhaled."

Let's take the 21 day journey and then maybe each of us, like John, will be able to say:

"I hear Him breathing"

**The book's publisher provided a preview copy of the book in return for an unbiased review of the book**

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