Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coming to Understand....

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Can I be honest for a minute or two? 
I have really been struggling with my writing lately. While reading fellow Sister in Christ blogs, it is apparent this doesn't happen to only me. 

Does this make me feel better? No, not really. 
However, I just finished a book entitled,
If you follow me on FB you have already seen these quotes.

"So, how can we know that people are reading our words?  We don’t. But the encouragement comes from the promise that what we sow, we shall also reap. We are not promised worldly success or copious amounts of money, but we are promised to bring glory and honor to God if that is our goal. So write for the purpose of glorifying God and you shall reap bountifully!" 

 "We must long to encourage the body of Christ with our words instead of worrying about how fast our blog is growing or how many books we’ve sold this month."

And this one, which seems to be the hardest for me to remember to do:

"Committing our writing to the Lord means a constant surrender of our ideas.  It means dying to ourselves in every area of our lives so God can shine through."

Yes, I am sure we have all heard or possibly even said these words before. But, what I am coming to understand is we need to hear them and say them more often than we do.

Let's try to commit to remind each other more often why we are doing this in the first place....to glorify God.  

P.S. I give you permission to remind me. :-)

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