Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crazy Busy: A Book Review...

Kevin DeYoung tackles an issue everyone understands with his latest offering. 
"Crazy Busy" is a discussion about 'busy' not an answer book. 

DeYoung looks at some possible reasons for all of the busy in our lives and some stomp mercilessly on toes. Toe stomping begins, when we are asked the following question about how often we respond "yes" to request for our time: 

"Am I serving me or serving them?"

OUCH!!! Did you feel that steel toed boot on your toes? Or was it only me who got a good toe smashing by that question.

DeYoung further states:
"Saying yes always looks like the latter, but it's often all about the former."

Don't lose hope though. DeYoung wraps up the book with encouragement. He explains it is not ultimately about being busy but why we are busy. 

As advertised, this is a short book but it is filled with exactly what all of us need. A right perspective about being busy. 

***An advanced copy of the title was given for this honest and unbiased review***

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