Saturday, August 31, 2013

Faking Grace: A Book Review...

"Faking Grace" by Tamara Leigh is a hilarious read. When Maizy becomes Grace and thinks she can 'fake' her Christianity, she doesn't know what she is getting herself into. 

One will have a difficult time putting the book down. We need to see how 'Grace' gets her self out of the many messes. The addition of the 'Dumb Blondes Book on Christianity' to help her be a Christian was amusing to this blogger; considering it could easily be found on a retail store shelf. 

Want a light hearted read? One in which you will smile and at the same time truly care what happens to each person in the story. Then pick up a copy of "Faking Grace" today. 

***An advanced copy of the title was given for this honest and unbiased review***

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