Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simply Devoted: A New Beginning

God has given me the opportunity to be a part of a new beginning this week. This new adventure is "Simply Devoted." I am excited for this new beginning and want to share it with you all. There is one catch though...the first session is full. 

"Simply Devoted is a community of women. Of us. Women who yearn for Jesus, for encouragement in our daily devotions, and for the fellowship of other women."

Simply Devoted began because of obedience. Obedience to spending time with God daily. Kayse Pratt tells her story on her blog,

I am one of those people, who can start off well. However, when life happens, I fall behind and then catching up nearly kills me. See with my personality, quitting is not an option. Is this a bad thing? At times, yes...for I have been known to push myself beyond my limitations. Commitment is something I take seriously. 

How serious, you ask?

~I completed a study of Philippians online when I was the only person (oh by the way, I was also the leader) because it was a commitment. 

~ Another time as the part of a critique group, I persevered until Summer while walking through a major family crisis. Yes, I fell behind at times with my critiques (never caught up either) and it was a struggle but I was not quitting because a commitment was made.

Not to mention, the whole arguing with God for years over what commitment I should give up. To only tell Him (yes, I was pretty stupid) that none of them could be given up until I suffered a breakdown...I told you that I take commitment seriously.  

Some of you are thinking, "Ok, what is so great about Simply Devoted, besides 
another opportunity to make a commitment and then have life happen. So, I can feel defeated and overwhelmed while keeping my commitment?" 

Here is some truth, the same thought crossed my mind when first hearing about Simply Devoted. Yet, when taking the time to find about Simply Devoted, the realization came to me this can be different. Here's why:

Simply Devoted is not a bible study.

No particular book is being studied. The focus of Simply Devoted is encouragment and accountability to spend time with God each day. Most call this "quiet time with God." Something I work on doing everyday. Spending time with God but with encouragement and love from other women doing the same thing. 

 This also means: No other agenda.

What do I mean by no other agenda? 
The group will not be telling me about their blogs, books, or other marketing in our Simply Devoted small groups. This is not meant to be ugly, but it annoys me when I am in a study, at a conference or concert and the marketing rolls out....
"We have this book, ministry or etc...we would like you to consider buying." No, they don't come right ask us to buy but it is implied. 

Our first season with Simply Devoted starts this week. Excitement is in the air. Love and encouragment are in the air. We are anticipating our time with God and sharing it with our Sisters in Christ. 

As I mentioned earlier, the first season of Simply Devoted is FULL but I couldn't contain myself from sharing with you all. I will let you know when the second season opens up.

Have a blessed day and stay in touch with God throughout your day. 

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