Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ripple Effect (The Book and More)...

The Ripple Effect it is the title of Michelle Lazurek's latest book and is definitely worth the price for the ebook. It is currently $1.99 on Amazon and free to Prime Members. 

Yet, I have been thinking of the ripple effect in other ways too. While reading blogs the last couple weeks it seems many of us, including myself, have fallen out of our writing/blogging grooves. It all started with missing one blogging day, which before realizing it had expanded into multiple blogging days. How does the ripple effect fall in here? Remember one rock throw in the water produces the ripple effect. Where more than one is effected? This is what has happened with our blogs. 

Even if it is a small group of people, we each of others reading our blogs. When we skip it doesn't just affect how God uses me but it spreads out to each of the people reading. 

My prayer is for each of us to get back into the groove God has for it. Not ones we think we should be doing but the plan God has for us. No more "if" and "but" excuses. Instead, letting our mighty Saviour live out in each of us. The thing we need to remember is it will look different in each of us. 

Lazurek's book deals with discipleship and leadership. Discipleship is more than a buzz word for me. It should be a way of life for each of us. We are called to make disciples.

"So wherever you go, make disciples of all nations..." 
Matthew 28:19 God's Word

My prayer for each of you is for God to move in you a mighty way this week. I ask the same prayer from each of you. I, further need to be diligent (My One Word for 2013) with the responsibilities God has given me. Whether this is with my ministry efforts, business or with my family. 
Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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