Monday, October 20, 2008



I wanted to tell you what I have dealt with today. My cell phone has been receiving a charge of $9.99 a month by a content provider called goldpocket with a description of bid4prizes. I had no idea what this was. This is a cell phone charging scam in my opinion because I NEVER gave anyone permission to charge my account repeatedly....I don't even give permission to anyone for a one-time charge.

Since SunCom is now T-Mobile I called T-Mobile, the T-Mobile rep. Laura was a great help in trying to help me. Between the two of us we found a number for this company bid4prizes. Upon calling them the woman, Rhonda, who answered the phone said I need the cell phone number this is in regard to. My response was you apparently have it because you have been charging my phone for months that has not been authorized by me. She said I must have the phone number....I gave her my number. Her next response was please verify your name and social security number. I TOLD HER NO! for her to give me what she had. I admit I was terse and not my normal pleasant self with this woman. She refused to give me the information she had but said the service had been cancelled as of today. I asked her what about all the months of unauthorized charges. She responded we do not give refunds.

I stated I wanted to speak to a supervisor. Rhonda said I was to give her a number and a supervisor would call me within 24-48 hours. I told her that if I did not hear from a supervisor within 24 hours that I would start procedures to force them to give me back the other months for I never gave permission for them to charge my account in the first place. Sorry this is so long but I know you can help get the word out so other people will check their cell phone bills closely. We had noticed the charge before SunCom became T-Mobile and had reported it but there has been a lot of transition for them in the last couple months. They are doing what they can to help but are limited.

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