Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Praise God!!!!

Yeah, Yeah I know I haven't blogged in forever and now two in one day.

I wanted to share a praise with you all. On Thursday, I met with a young teenager from our church. She wanted me to teach her how to study the bible. While I was praying before this meeting, God told me first thing to do was ask her to share her testimony. God explained teaching her the Bible would do no good to her if she didn't belong to Him.

This is a fairly good girl and she comes to church so being the stubborn gal I am I questioned God's directive but told Him yes. Upon getting together with this young person, I told her exactly what God had told me. Then asked her if she knew what a testimony was....she said you mean my salvation experience. After a few brief minutes of sharing a testimony can be so much more than sharing my own salvation experience with her...this sweet young lady told me she didn't think she was saved.

After talking for quite sometime and answering many questions, I assured her that it was not my job to beat her over the head into submission of saying a prayer. This young lady had said the "salvation prayer" numerously after watching a tv preacher but never felt any different or saw any difference in her life. So, when all her questions were answered and we had discussed a few other things I asked her if she had any more questions or anything else she wanted to discuss. She said she wanted to pray to accept Jesus as her Savior.

This young person shared her experience in a bible study class on Monday. After a sharing time, a young adult woman in the class (who everyone would have assumed was saved) shared she did not know Jesus as her Saviour.

Why share all this? Because first we want to PRAISE GOD!!! Second, because we are doing a great misservice to our God. We are assuming that if someone goes to church regularly and is a basic good person they must be saved. We shouldn't assume someone from a Muslim country is lost anymore than we should assume someone from America is saved.

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