Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do you see wreckage or God?

Last night at our women's ministry meeting, a young woman from church gave her testimony and one statement she made has stuck with me. Here is her statement:

"Are we so wrapped up at looking in the wreckage that we our missing what God is doing in our lives?"

We all have stories of wreckage whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually, but the amazing thing is if we look for God we will see Him!

I have been through Henry Blackaby's "Experiencing God" twice in my life and the one thing I walked away with the first time was that at times in our lives we can be so wrapped up in a it the pain or the disruption to the rest of our lives that we lose sight of where God is in all of it. At that time, I was walking through a tough situation with a close friend of mine and I did what Blackaby suggested in the study. Blackaby suggested we ask God to let us see the situation from His viewpoint and not ours. Doing that changed my view to God's view and my reaction to the whole situation.

Each of us has trials and tribulations in our lives..... But we must do be willing to ask the question posed to us last night...."Are we so busy looking at the wreckage that we miss God?"

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