Monday, February 13, 2012

Focus...A Year to Concentrate

A crazy week...from hubby traveling to me having bronchitis. Yet, through it all God is still slowly teaching me about my one word: focus.

It  never stops amazing me how God works. How He can give me One Word and then bring His teaching into multiple areas of my life so creatively and naturally. A prime example is the online bible study (A Confident Heart) in which I participate. This week we are reading Chapter 5 and the main gist of this chapter....TA-DAH is "having proper focus" :-)

God is using my hobby of photography to show me "focus" also. My Aunt is teaching me how to use the manual settings instead of the automatic settings. As we were cropping some of our shots, I noticed that some would get grainy and blurry. She asked me what was my ISO and F-stop setting on the shots. Then she told me  if I want to crop and see the small details of a picture it is important to remember "slow shows" when adjusting settings.

God revealed a spiritual truth to me in her statement...that to see and really understand something we must be willing to go slow. Wow...that stings for those of us who want to learn the lesson and move on. See. if we only speed by something (whether a bible study chapter, bible reading, conversations, looking at a picture, etc) when we go back to better understand it will be grainy and blurry, just like my pictures were. Without looking back up at top what was in the picture? Now,  go back up and look to the right of the big tree near the edge of the photo in the background. Thanks to my aunt and teaching me "slow shows" I saw the cross.

Special "Shout-Out" to Rachel Olsen ( who has been an encourager and reminding me that I have a whole year to learn about focus.

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