Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where is your focus?

Where is your focus? Today is February 2nd and many people have long forgotten their New Year Resolutions. However, for a group of people (myself included) the year didn't start with a resolution. Instead, we decided to ask God to reveal a word, one specific word (, that He wanted us to concentrate on for 2012.

As I mentioned in previous posts, my word is "focus"and wired the way I am; I grabbed my laptop and typed a Google search on Scriptures on focus. My intent was to find a scripture with the word, focus, in it. plans have not gone as planned. God has confounded me so far with my word. What I realized through this little exercise, God wants me to concentrate on this word for all of 2012. This may seem a simple thing to you, yet for me it became rather profound this week.

While reading Experiencing the Resurrection, God is showing me "Don't be distracted by success. Don't find your joy in accomplishments. Don't find your identity in the thing you do....Instead rejoice in the fact your name is written in Heaven!"

With my temperament and personality, I approached my word with the desire of having of accomplishing (actually conquering would be accurate) the meaning, definition, and experience of my one word already. Did I mention that it is only been NINE days since God revealed the word 'focus' as my word for 2012?

God is revealing to me slowly but surely that He isn't working on my time table. He wants me to learn focus in His timing not mine.

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