Friday, April 20, 2012

Bother or Blessing: That is the question

I recently spent a day with my Mom and Aunt. Our agenda for the day: hang out, enjoy each other’s company and take pictures. 
This trip to Auntie’s house would have picture taking of birds and flowers as
our FOCUS (yes, that is my one word for 2012).
 My aunt has a haven for birds at her house and beautiful flowers in her yard. She has various bird feeders on her back deck and around the backyard. The rain and chilly weather dampened the flower aspect of the trip. Yet, in spite of the weather, the bird aspect would be attainable.

We perched ourselves in her dining room. The back porch in perfect view, all while we stayed warm and dry. It was an awesome way to spend a couple hours.

"Oh Bother!"

The above squirrel eating his snack was taken during that time.

Here is Mr. Nut’s (yeah, I named this little guy) story. My Aunt had stepped away for a few minutes. While she was away three or four squirrels showed up. Mom was pointing them out to me and I was snapping pictures of the "cute" little squirrels. 

Upon my Aunt's returning, she saw the squirrels and stated, "Dawn, why are you letting the squirrels on the porch!" She promptly opened and closed the deck door and scared the squirrels off. 

"I didn't realize they were not suppose to be on the porch," I replied simply. 
(Confession: this statement was not 100% true…I knew the bird lover code…squirrels are a bother).

"She has been taking pictures of them," came my sweet mother's reply. 

See, my Aunt is not the first bird lover in my life, who dislikes squirrels. 
If you spend a few minutes talking to any bird lover, you will be given a list of why squirrels are the "bad" guy, a 'bother', to bird lovers. 

Squirrels are a bother because they:
 1) They eat all the bird food (plus they are gluttons)
2) They tear up the feeders
3) They scare the birds away

Do you see me as adorable or annoying? 

Want in on a little secret? I like squirrels. Yes, I truly enjoyed taking pictures of all the beautiful birds (you can view some on my photo page here) but I also like taking pictures of squirrels. Ok, you got me…I basically love taking pictures, but I do draw the line at creepy crawlers. NO photos of spiders, snakes, etc. Not this girl!  Oh my, I digress. Shall we get back to the point of this blog? Yes, there is a point.  :-) 

Do I have things in my life, which I consider a 'bother' that God means to be a blessing? Or even the vice-versa things that seems to be a blessing to me that are in reality a 'bother' to God? 

What about you is that thing, person, or issue being viewed as a ‘bother’ meant to be a blessing or is that seemingly apparent ‘blessing’ actually a ‘bother’ to the Father?


  1. I too like squirrels, and I love taking pictures of God's gorgeous nature....I too though will not get close enough to creepy crawlers = ICK....

    Enjoyed this post very much :)

  2. I enjoyed this post and your beautiful pictures! I will admit that squirrels sometimes freak me out with their beady eyes... But to answer your question, I think my "need to do type A" personality can sometimes be a bother to God. Yes He wants me to make disciples but I know He longs for me to just BE still with Him- perhaps more than anything! Am praying for Him to help me chill out and enjoy HIM before my need to do takes up residence on my back porch :)

  3. Veronica & Tracy,

    Thank you for the lovely words. God is working in and through me each day. Thanks to for your honesty with answering the question posted.


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