Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whatever it takes...

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Therefore consider carefully how you listen." Luke 8:17 & 18a

God will use anything it takes to get our attention. He will even use a fear if necessary. This is a lesson that I learned last year. God had been trying to get my attention for a period of time. Yet, once again in true fashion I was His stubborn child. 

While reading through this blog it is imperative for the reader, to know that I believe firmly that God is good and always right. He is sovereign. It is also important to know speaking and/or typing these words can be easier than actually walking in their Truth. 

God will let us go so far and then He will have His Way! Beth Moore once said, "We can bend our knee willingly or God will break our leg." Wonder, how many countless times a leg must be broke before one gains the knowledge of this lesson. 

I used to say, “Been to the wood shed too many times in my life therefore, obedient I will be…” For the younger generation, this was an adage to describe being whipped, paddled, spanked…insert your idea of discipline.

Have you ever said something and truly meant it when you first said it? However, without even realizing it the meaning of the saying lost its translation. This is exactly what happened to me. Over time, the “Been to the wood shed” statement’s significance lost its emphasis. Scary part is this happens so slowly it is usually not noticed. Think of the song, “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns:

“People never crumble in a day”

God had been speaking to me about various issues and things in my life that required attention. Instead of being obedient, I argued my reasoning of why the issues and things were essential and crucial. After all, had He not called me to serve!

The slow fade had begun. It is easy to see this in hindsight.

Yes, I know it is not a shovel but it is a great representation of the concept.....

My loving Father permitted this for a time. On the other hand, the slow fade continued. A pit was being dug. Chilling part, I was the one doing the digging. 

In spite of the fact of who is doing the digging; Abba Daddy loves us so greatly, He will do whatever is necessary to get our attention. Even reveal a tremendous fear, which is exactly what He did in my life.

To put it bluntly, the fear definitely got my attention. Once God got my attention obedience followed.

Be aware…this is the wrong approach to obedience.

Life is so much sweeter when we give God IMMEDIATE obedience. No arguments, excuses or delays.  Once again, easier said than done particularly when in the middle of a slow fade.

The ultimate lesson:

We have to to comprehend; there is a great price for being an obstinate child who needs their leg broken before being obedient. The price? The other people hurt.

It is simple:

Disobedience doesn’t only hurt the disobedient one…it hurts anyone in their field of influence, friends, family, etc...

Have you been disobedient? Have you noticed you are holding the shovel and the pit is deeper? Drop the shovel …Cry out to Abba Daddy…He will hear you.

Title: Whatever It Takes
By: Dawn Whitmore

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