Monday, January 9, 2012

One word for 2012...or is that two

A friend once said, "You like to be different. I believe you relish in being weird." At the time, my response was "It is not weird just unique." The misunderstanding came in thinking this is done consciously. This statement came to mind while driving. A lot comes to mind while driving or in the shower for me...but that is not the point.   I am in the process of praying for a word for 2012 (mentioned that in my last blog). Sounds simple enough, at least the concept is simple. Pray and let God show you a word for 2012. You keep this word for a year and let God grow you in Him through this 'word'.

Simple concept but a struggle to accomplish. The only saving grace is I am not in this boat alone. Other friends of mine on the Internet are still waiting for their word. My dilemma has been there are two words that keep popping up every time I pray about a word for 2012.

Would it be that difficult to have a 'word' for 2012? That is ONE not two! Apparently it is...or is it that one of the words is His and the other is a more palatable word to me. Don't think so. Both words are not what would be considered easy words to live with for a year and let God teach you about them.

"Focus" and "Transparent"...see told you, not easy words to walk with for a whole year.

Who knows maybe the idea is to live with focused transparency for a year....LOL!!!

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