Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cheering for God....

Do we spend as much time cheering for God as we do our favorite sports team? This is the question that entered my thoughts while watching Game 7 in the NHL Stanley Cup East Series Play-off. The game was the New York Rangers against the Washington Capitals. My darling daughter and I were cheering the Caps throughout the game until the last second of the game. In our household we cheer for hockey, lacrosse and our daughter cheers for NASCAR because of Trevor Bayne. Yet, my hope and prayer is we will always cheer loudest for JESUS!!! 

Then another thought entered my mind as the final seconds of the game sealed the Caps loss. Are you a fair-weather fan when it comes to your walk with Jesus? Do you walk with Him until things get tough or He has the audacity to expect you to leave your comfort zone?

Tomorrow, we will still root for the Caps. In our household we follow the Caps. We are not fair-weather fans in our household...yes, it is true while living in NC we rooted for the Canes but we still loved our Caps. 

Some of you are saying, "That's nice, but what does this have to do with Jesus?" Everything, because  a large majority of Christians are "fans" of Jesus and not "followers." Kyle Idleman discusses this in a true grit, real deal way in his book, "Not A Fan." When the crowds were being feed free meals and it wasn't requiring much of them Jesus was the 'deal'. However, when things got tough and the free meals were not flowing people walked away.

 Idleman in Chapter 5 discusses what he describes two camps of  the Fan Club.
 Take a minute and see if you identify with either of Idleman's camps:

"Camp 1: Your faith is something you were born into. You didn't choose it. Your faith has always been more about honoring your heritage than surrendering your heart. The problem here is you grew up acting & talking like a Christian but you never fell in love with Jesus.

Camp 2: These are fans who measure their faith by their hard work at learning and following the law. Their intellectual knowledge and behavioral compliance was their target. Yet, even though they were saying the right things, it wasn't a reflection of who they really are. You may say and do the right things, but that is not enough for Jesus. He wants all of you." (Not a Fan pages 70 & 71).

Jesus doesn't want fans. He wants committed sold-out followers. Which are you?

Check out Kyle Idleman's "Not A Fan" or the Not A Fan website to learn what it means to be a committed sold-out follower of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Dawn! Hi friend, I love this post. You got me...I am so guilty of fandom at times. Thank you for this heart check today. Yankee and Kansas State Football "wins" can't compare to the awesomeness of Jesus. Bless you, Dawn.

  2. Thanks for your comment Tracy. Kyle's book definitely was a "toe-stomper" for me.


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