Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greedy Little Glutton...

 Greedy Little Glutton…

This post was born from a comment my aunt made concerning a previous post, “Bother or Blessing.” I shared in that post (read it here) how bird lovers do not normally like squirrels. 

He was heading for the bird feeder before I interrupted him...

Here is an excerpt from my aunt’s comment:

If they (the squirrels) were considerate of others they could share a life with me. As it is right now they remind me of humans that you give things to and they always want more. I fed them in the woods and all I ask is they leave the bird’s food alone…do not destroy the feeders…they never seem to get the message”

My aunt has a great love of wildlife and she tried to co-exist with the squirrels. However, the squirrels were greedy gluttons, who kept destroying her bird feeders and stealing all the bird’s food. 

When I read her comment, I was immediately struck with the fact she is right. Squirrels can be like humans. Some people can be greedy gluttons. It is okay to shake your head in agreement.
Did a name or face most likely “popped” into your mind? Most of us know someone that no matter how much you give them…it is never enough. They always want more. How do we handle these people? Are we truly helping them if we continue pouring into their bottomless pit?

My aunt tried co-existing with her little gluttons, but they just demand more. When they felt like she wasn’t giving enough they started destroying things (her bird feeders)...The person who “popped” into your mind is destroying. They destroy their relationships with others and with God. The majority of friends and family will become fed up with being used. They will have a serious distaste in their mouth when this person’s name comes up.

The sad part is for some reason this “popped in your mind” person doesn’t understand that God is all they need.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus
Philippians 4:19

Notice, that God wants to supply all our needs not our wants.

In my own life, there have been people who were gluttons just like the squirrels. How did I deal with them? I prayed for God’s guidance. In one situation, I truly God clearly directed me to pray for this person. God further released me from feeling this person had to be an active part of my life. Abba Daddy reassured me that I did not have to put myself in the position for them to take from me.

There was another person we will call her ‘Claire’. Claire always needed more and more. God used me and a few other select people to help Claire realize that God would supply all her needs. With Claire’s permission, we kept her accountable. When she would start seeking more and more to fulfill her life instead of her loving Father we would point it out to her. We did this in love.

Here is the “ouch” of this post for me. There have been times over my 45 years of life that I have been a glutton. Times that no matter what was given, there was more that I wanted.

 I have even been a glutton with God. I wanted Him all to myself instead of sharing Him with others. This breaks my Savior’s heart. I was just like the servant who buried his talent.  (Read Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-28)

Have you been a greedy little glutton (just like the squirrels)? Ask God to change you…He is changing ‘Claire’ day-by-day and He can change you?  Is God calling you to pray for someone but have distance? Do it without feeling guilty, just keep praying for them. Are you burying your talent and not sharing what God has given you? Take a step today and start sharing the gifts God has given you.

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