Friday, May 11, 2012

"Who do you focus on..." Archived YKP, LLC Post

Who do you focus clients or loyal clients?

**An archived blog from my business blog...which is experiencing technical difficulties**

As the owner of a booking and promotion company for Independent Artist, I tend to want to recognize or reward the venues who give me loyal & consistent business. Yet, this is not as easy as it seems. Here are a few of the reasons why:  
  • When I receive promo items, the people providing them always request they be used to obtain new clients not reward present ones. My thought, "how you obtain a client is how they will expect you to keep them." Why not work hard and show the potential client what you can do for them instead of bribing them to be your client? On the other hand, I wonder if it is bribing the new client with a one-time offer to get them as a client. Once hired, we can still show them how hard we work for our clients.
  • When people show me loyalty and consistently book my clients; I want to show them we appreciate their business. We send thank you notes, but there is a part of me that wants to do more from time to time. This poses another question:"how do you decide who gets the rewards without causing dissension and jealousy with the venue operators." (A lot of them know each other)
Many of my family & friends have no concept or idea of what I do for a living. Therefore, I rarely talk with them about my business and the type of questions I have posted. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who would like to weigh in would comment on this post or e-mail me:


  1. Hey...Mrs. Whitmore,

    I'm so proud of you I'm super excited about all doors opening for you and YKP.

    As far as your question is concerned I believe the best way to avoid dissension and jealousy is to be up front in any agreement you have for your clients with a note or disclaimer in the agreement letting them know that YKP honors it's clients with perks and bonuses from time to time (without notice, mandate, or obligation) for sending repeat business and support.

    I took a crack at it.

    I hope you find some wisdom in it to point you in the right direction.

    I know your faith will lead you down the right path.

    Stay encouraged.



  2. Thanks Antha. I believe you have given me some good advise and will look into the note or disclaimer for the future.


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