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Rhema or Logos... (May 31st)

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God took me on a journey and taught me a lesson. When originally writing this post it wasn't apparent but now it is...all I can say is "Thank you Lord for being so patient with this child of yours."

Here is my story...

I have been reading Acts since March 30th of this year. As of today, May 22nd, I have read through Acts 24.

Some days I read a Chapter and move on the next day. Then other days, I read the same chapter for multiple days until God releases me to move on. It would be awesome to report that reading the same chapter for multiple days revealed some marvelous revelation of God...

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These are some things learned and remembered  from my journal such as:

1. Paul has a nephew who saves him when the Jews are plotting to kill him. Acts 23:16-22... Nice kid in my book :-)
2. There are apparently two Philips (Philip the Evangelist and Philip the Apostle). Still don't completely understand the difference here or even if there really is one. That is the fun of being a work in progress with God, we get to keep learning.
3. Peter's vision was with animals but he tells Cornelius the dream referring to the Gentile people. (Acts 10:28)
4. Acts 11:26 is the first time believers are called Christians.
5. All the Apostles, not just Thomas, had to see Jesus' hands, feet and side only Thomas touched. (This is actually in John not Acts but my journey through Acts led me to this)
6. Ananias and Sapphira (I wrote a whole blog post. You can read it here)
7. Peter and God seemed to have a three time theme (In Acts 10, sheet revealed 3 times. We know the cock crowed 3 times and Jesus asked Peter "Do you love me?" 3 times)
8. In Acts 12:7, the angel struck Peter's side to wake him. This amuses probably shouldn't but does.
9. I left Acts 15 with a question, "Are we trying to have others conform to tradition instead of letting God transform them?"
10. Acts 17:16-34, God moved through Paul while he was waiting for Timothy & Silas to join him. He can do the same through our waiting periods, if we allow Him.
11. Acts 20: 8-10, Eutychus had "taken up dead" from his fall from the window.
12. Acts 21 has multiple people telling Paul not to go to Jerusalem. There is even a prophetic word given in verse 10 & 11.
13. In Acts 22, the people were listening until Paul said God would send him to the Gentiles. How often do we listen and agree with God until He says something we don't want to hear?
14. Acts 24, Paul had been in prison for two years while Felix was governor (Acts 24:7). This is only the time Paul has been under Felix's arrest.

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Here is my lesson:

Quit spending time searching for the marvelous revelation and enjoy the Bible, for everything written in it is a marvelous revelation of Him and His love for us.
My mistake: I have been spending all my bible time chasing rhema and neglecting logos. When I should be in God's word everyday (logos) and letting the rhema happen in God's timing. 

 James Rae describes it as the following:

"Through daily reading of God's Word, which is referred to as the "logos," (logos), Christians will have knowledge of God and be able to memorize Scripture and to offer non-believers the truth that is written. But in addition to that, God wants to speak to His people and provide insight beyond human understanding. With the help of the Holy Spirit, portions of Scripture that were once words on a page will become rhema. They will have great significance and offer supernatural guidance, comfort, answers and assurances. "
My mistake is no different than people who go from place to place chasing signs and wonders; instead of focusing on a relationship with God. 

Here is your challenges today:

Go back through your journal and Bible reading for the last month asking God to reveal what He has been teaching you?
  • Search your heart and see if like me, you have been chasing "rhema" and neglecting "logos"?

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  1. DAWN: you are my kind of Bible loving girl. I loved how you clearly explained logos/rhema. I am such a Bible nerd at times...I am guilty of overdoing rhema. Thank you for reminding me of the logos...blessings, Tracy

    thanks for the linkup sister! Now if I could just figure out things on my end, sigh!:)

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I finally finished Acts 28 and am now waiting for God to show me where to go next. :-)

  2. #8 made me giggle
    #9 Is so true in this day and age.
    Cant wait to read what God has spoke through you next time.

  3. I, too, am so thankful He is patient with us. :) Now, I think I should go read Acts 15...

    thanks for sharing!


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