Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: At the Feet of Jesus...

This is a newer feature of Dawn's Dialogue, a book review. I have recently started participating with two different programs. It is actually a sweet deal for an avid reader, like me. In short, the reader goes through an approval process. We fill out an application and wait for approval.
Once approved it is the reviewer's intent to help get the word out about the books. 

I have chosen two programs ,which allow me freedom in choosing books to review. This does not mean the request is always approved but it does give me the chance to share books that I think are worth reading. Another freedom, the publishers want us to give honest reviews.

What do I get for the reviews? What is in it for me?

Simple: Books and eBooks 

In return for the review, the reader receives a copy of the book. In addition, I will occasionally add an affiliate link to the bottom of the review page. Neither program requires the affiliate link. 
However, when you click on the link at the bottom of the page a portion of the sales
 helps our ministry and business. I will always disclose when an affiliate link is posted.

Why does the publisher do this? What is in it for them?

Simple: Free publicity and marketing of their books. 

The publisher's view is the more people reading, reviewing and discussing their books
 will lead to more sales. 

How does this fit with the mission of Dawn's Dialogue:

"Connecting with One Another and Jesus in a Communication Saturated World"

Simple: It is another way for us to connect. :-)

Here is my brief review of "At the Feet of Jesus" by Joanna Weaver

This devotional is a wonderful edition to Weaver's writings. It takes portions of her previous books, "Having a Mary Heart", "Having a Mary Spirit", and "Lazarus Awakening" and weaves them into a 365 day devotional. My favorite part of this book is the Outtakes. It is like in seeing the deleted scenes on a movie's DVD. This in no way means the outtakes are not worth every word. It is just in the real world of writing and editing, some portions are removed. This devotional proves"good" portions are edited out in the publication process. I am grateful that Weaver saved the outtakes.

With a New Year quickly on our heels and many looking for a devotional to start on January 1st, "At the Feet of Jesus" by Joanna Weaver is worth the time and investment.

This is an affiliate link. However, I do not recommend books that I would not want to personally own.

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