Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Seeing through the Fog" Book Review

I apparently have read more books the past couple weeks then I realized. Here is another book review for you:

Ed Dobson's journey and book is definitely not what one would consider a "walk in the park."
However, I am extremely grateful this book came into my life.

Ed's raw candor and frankness about living with ALS became a source of support to me. With this last year of illness and maladies, there have been times of my wanting to just "pack it all up" and be a hermit for the rest of my days. Then Ed's book came into my path.

Ed's sincerity came through when he wrote:

"It is one broken person talking to another broken person. And there is power in that." 

This is what true ministry is meant to be. Not me being better than the person God has put in my path or vice versa...

Ed throughout the book shares how he has dealt with the idea of his body slowly deteriorating from a debilitating disease, facing the fact of being a Pastor no more, and the ultimate fact he is dying. But, are we all not dying since the day we were born?

I walked away from "Seeing Through The Fog" by Ed Dobson optismistic and expectant of what God plans to do in 2013.

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