Monday, December 31, 2012

"Getting It Together" by Kayse Pratt: Book Review...

Kayse Pratt's Ebook, "Getting It Together" OFFICIALLY releases today. 

You can buy it for $3.99...
you can get it for FREE. 

Head over to her blog (follow the link below) to find out how:

 The book is a quick read but the information within is a powerful tool for organizing one's home and family. She has FREE printables to help you create the tool she personally uses for her family. Plus, she has made them cute. My personal favorite printable is the "Blogging Schedule." 

If you are the Mom of one little one or a houseful of children, Kayse's book will help you with the organization in your home. You can even use the tool to help with aging parents. 
Now, Kayse's system can't be done without a little work & discipline...YES, I went there! 
However, the rewards will definitely be worth the effort. 

I received an advance copy of this book with one request from Kayse:

"Please help me get the word out about the book's release and that I am wiling to give it to people for FREE for signing up for my newsletter."

 She also asked us to be honest in our reviews. 
Therefore, I will let you know that I have not created the tool Kayse discusses....yet. 

Here is the link one more time to be able to sign up for the newsletter and get the book FREE:

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