Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Write and Speak One Time with God...

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Wording (slightly modified): Beth Kinder

"I would rather write and speak one time with the power of God to touch thousands, 
than to write and speak thousands of time and impact no one"---Beth Kinder, Remade Ministries

The above statement rocked my world last week upon reading it. Many of you know, I am attending a writer and speaker conference at the end of July. What some may not know is I have been writing to complete and then edit, edit, edit and re-edit my book proposal and sample chapters. By the way...did I mention there is some editing happening during this process. :-)

During all of this writing, I came across the information a non-fiction book is normally 25,000-50,000 words. I was stressing a little....ok it was more than a little. The reason, my book currently is at 7,000+ words with 5 of the proposed 8 chapters having their first draft complete.

Then Beth's weekly "ReMade" blog email came. God opened my eyes. Yes, I understand there is an industry standard on word count. However, if I am not writing with His power than it will not matter if my word count is 100,000 for the impact will not be there.

It is amazing how a simple email at the appropriate "God appointed time" can have loving discipline, encouragement and focus from my Savior.

Beth's blog can viewed here. Go and check it out and give her some encouragement in the comment section. 

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