Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beautiful Purpose: A Book Review...

One thing I strive for in my book reviews is honesty. When first starting to read Susie Larson's, "Your Beautiful Purpose", my thoughts were not what would be considered complimentary. 

HOWEVER, as I have continued reading the book, my click and highlight section in Kindle is growing. Larson may have started out slow but she definitely doesn't leave it there!

Her Chapter on "Face Your Fears" is one of the strongest written on the topic of understanding the enemy is a loser and God is working HIS PLAN in each of us.

Here is one nugget of truth shared by Larson, 
"Peace isn't ultimately a place. Peace is ultimately a Person. And the Person of Christ has an ultimate purpose in Christ---just for you"

Larson tackles some of the following:

 ~ Jealousy and she shares a prayer for Sisters in Christ that is inspiring
~ Facing our fears 
~ Realizing Relationship is what Jesus wants with us

This only names a few of the topics covered.
You may be thinking haven't other books covered these topics?

The answer is "YES..." 
BUT...Larson has a way of bringing them into a fresh perspective. 

Therefore, I can and will recommend this book to others. 

Disclaimer: I received this book for free for review. However, all reviews are the opinions of blogger and not influenced by the publisher.


  1. Dawn, thank you so much for your kind comments about Susie's book. I'm the editor, so perhaps I'm to blame for its slow start! Anyway, we're grateful for your recommendation!

    1. Jeff: I have finished the book since the post and even bought it for someone else and mailed it to them in California.


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